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Welcome to Classroom Capers – the website for school materials and resources.

Our aim is to produce exciting teaching resources which help motivate and educate children from foundation key stage onwards and keep learning fun. We offer a fantastic array of  reward charts, stickers, educational games, posters certificates, bulletin board display borders, teacher stamps and more!

Teachers (and OFSTED!) know that a colourful, vibrant learning environment helps children to work at their best. Our creative classroom display resources will ensure the captivated interest of your pupils. These include a widerange of trimmers (display borders), all with lively patterns from jigsaw and music designs to animals and stars, the alphabet, numbers, and colours - all designed to brighten any classroom. Our picture cards (Accent Cards or Cut outs) can be used to draw attention to bulletin board displays. Posters make an instant impact display - not only do they make a classroom look exciting, but they also reinforce lessons learnt in class. Popular school posters include practical charts such as numbers, the alphabet and music as well as important social development messages, e.g. posters that explore feelings, social diversity or issues such as bullying.

Class games whether as a full class activity or for independent learning are a great way for teachers to reinforce concepts learnt in class, and they also help to break up the lesson to help sustain the children’s focus. Classroom Capers offers a wide range of traditional and more unusual educational games. Our Bingo sets are very popular - they help children to learn facts and information - from the alphabet to famous landmarks - while having lots of competitive fun!

At Classroom Capers we understand that nothing motivates a child better than rewards for good work or behaviour. Our funky standard and personalised school stickers, offer hundreds of designs from smiles to cars, frogs and penguins - they can be much sought after rewards as well as a fun way to decorate work. We also offer teacher stickers with a multitude of praise messages, e.g “Amazing”, “Star of the Week”, “Great Reading” and “Very Good”. In addition we offer a wide range of certificates from Star of the Week to “You Did It!” to Music Awards - these work brilliantly as an incentive to children, ensuring pride in their achievements.

Lastly we endeavour to save teachers time by providing resources they would otherwise make themselves – such as display letters or pictures – or that save them time during the day, e.g. marking work. Our wide range of teacher stamps and stickers have a range of messages to suit every need, from “First Class Work”, “Target Achieved” to labelling stamps such as “This belongs to...”. Name badges (tags) are a great way for a new teacher to learn the names of their pupils and are also useful as classroom resource labels.

At Classroom Capers we recognise that quality educational and motivational materials in the classroom are of the utmost importance, and with our low prices and free first class delivery service within the UK, this can be available to every teacher and school.

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